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Where Am I After 2 Years?

So it has been almost 2 years since I posted on here. I have to say, I am not much closer. Since that time, I have learned Python (far more in depth) and plenty of other things. A month or so ago, I started getting interested in Final Fantasy 7 again, and thought I would start work on an importer.

I started this last week, and I have to thank a commenter here to persuade me to finally start trying to work on this project. I have posted some videos on Youtube as to document my progress, and the latest installment of the script allows for materials to be loaded.

It started off by just loading vertexes, and then to faces, and then materials. But I have recently been going though and trying to upgrade to windows 8, and it seems my entire script has been salvageable because the external hard drive I was using has gone bad, so I will have to rewrite the script from the ground up, but on the plus side, I can restructure the program to better accommodate what I had in mind for future features.

Once I do this, I will start work on a quick add-on so you don’t have to keep running the script from the text editor, but instead using the file > import menus. Once I have support for .p files, I will release the script, and then start work on an exporter for .p files.

Development planes from there on out are still ambiguous, but I will have to figure all that out later. I might as well put my latest video of the script up here to show my work on it, and I hope to post something again soon. (And I am so very sorry for the massive amount of noise in the video!)


Aeris… Its about time

Ok I think I am finally going to release Aeris. The only problem… her dress makes her look fat… Maybe its just me. maybe I srewed somthing up. Well what ever it is, download at your own risk (I’m uploading it this after noon.)


Few quick points….

For those of you who DONT have blender, you can either chose to download it from here. or you could e-mail me ( ask me to convert it to a file that you may have.
One other point. This Project has been going for 1 month today 😀


Lets get this going

So I guess I should officially start this off! Final fantasy 7! I’m making it, I am making it in Blender.

So what i am doing, is extracting the models from the char.LGP archive from the FFVII files, then i export them into .3DS files, and then I import them into blender. The bodies come in several files (each body part is a new file) so I had to Assembly cloud and other characters my self. Some assembly required 😛

Some assembly required

actually models look better( i just have it in a basic mode)

Tools I am using:

Ifalna, a tool for FFVII to view the character models (Using it to see how to put the models together, and to see how to make all the animations)

JenovaRebirth is the tool i used to extract the .p files from the LGP archive  (really helpfull I couldnt do this without this program!)

Biturn Exported the .P files to .3DS !!! another one that helped the project 🙂

So I have contructed the Cloud model, and now im am going to start work on the animations (Running, walking, ect. ect.) but I will probably only make them as I need them… that should speed up my production time 🙂

As a note, If anyone (and I say that thinking that SOMEone will read) has experiance with Blender Game engine, and would like to help with stuff… send me an email:

But I think this first post tied together pretty well 🙂 so I’ll say that I’ll take a break

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